Eye candy is pretty, by definition. But too much is too much, and AT&T’s new browser, Pogo seems to suffer from the vast amount of resources demanded by its attempt to make the most mundane Web tasks (finding a bookmark, for instance) a breath-taking overdose of eye-catching beauty. Here’s Ars Technica’s review of Pogo. It’s …

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Orange Blindfold Strikes Again: Safari for Windows

Safari for Windows? I had to try it. Safari is a superb browser, although most Mac’ers of my acquaintance prefer Firefox for the Mac. On their download page, Apple touts the many advantages of Safari for Windows, although most of them are advantages only over the rapidly diminishing Internet Explorer 6. However, the top of …

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Microsoft admits non-compliance, recommends Netscape

I’m posting this one a bit late, but on Thursday, June 10, 2004,» displayed an unusually appropriate message to anyone browsing the site with Internet Explorer 6.0. It said: Warning: You are viewing this page with an unsupported Web browser. This Web site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later or Netscape …

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